Politics & The Presidency scholars Jocelyn Porter and Megan Vance attended a Donald Trump rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Oct. 13, 2016, at the U.S. Bank Arena. They spoke to people who attended the event or protested outside to get their perspectives on the election. They spoke to five people who were in the area, some attended the rally and others who were protesting it, about information they received from any of the presidential candidates. Those people said they had not received any direct contact (mail, phone calls or emails) from any of the presidential campaigns, but they had seen television advertisements. Porter and Vance also spoke to the voters about why they were supporting certain candidates. Although the people had not received direct contact from the campaigns, one person chose to sign up for the Trump email list to get alerts. Some of the other people either heard about the rally through the media (radio and television) or did research online themselves.

These photos and videos were taken inside the arena at the rally and after the rally outside the arena. Some Trump supporters and people who were opposed to the Trump campaign engaged in heated discussions about their difference of opinions outside of the rally.