In 2009, PolitiFact won the Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the 2008 presidential election. Run by editors and reporters from theTampa Bay Times, the organization rates the accuracy of claims by those in U.S. politics, including elected officials and others. Every day, PolitiFact reporters comb the news for the most interesting and significant claims and research their veracity. Statements are then ranked from “true,” which means the statement is completely true, to “pants on fire,” which means the statements is completely (and outrageously) false.

The organization was founded by Times reporter Bill Adair in 2007 as the rise in entertainment news was making it more difficult to discern the truth in U.S. politics. Since its founding, PolitiFact has continued to play a key role in dispelling political myths and educating voters about the facts. PolitiFact is a non-partisan publication and fact checks members of both parties. Along with its fact checking features, it also measures whether politicians have flip-flopped on the issues and how successful they have been at keeping campaign promises.

-Lily Nellans